Meet Founder
Stacey Mandel

"If I had been exposed to these concepts starting around age eight, I know I would have suffered a lot less, and shined a whole lot more. "

Stacey dedicates her time to sparking "mindfulness and beyond" with youth and adults in all types of settings throughout greater Philadelphia, PA. Ongoing, Stacey is the mindfulness provider on a special project called ESEL to combat the school-to-prison pipeline in the city of Chester.

Stacey spent 18 years combined teaching grades K-8 in urban and suburban schools and as an instructional coach/consultant in the most underserved schools in the country. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Foundations of Education, and a BFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Stacey serves as a Pennsylvania co-leader of the national non-profit COSEM: Coalition of Schools Educating Mindfully.

Stacey takes a truth-loyal, eclectic approach to her work as she identifies best practices and interweaves them to create highly attuned, personalized offerings. She started meditating in her early twenties, and is now is a lifelong Awakening level student at Clearlight Meditation Institute. She completed Amy's Saltzman's The Still Quiet Place teaching practicum, the MBSR Professional Practicum at Jefferson’s Myrna Brind Center for Mindfulness, Daniel Rechtschaffen's Mindful Education Teacher Training and several Mindful Schools courses. She is certified in Sam Himelstein's Trauma-Informed Care for professionals working with youth, and has trained with Transformation Yoga Project. She is currently working towards certification in David Treleaven's Complete Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Training, as well as completion of an extensive trauma competency training with Lakeside Global Institute.​

She lives with her family in Philadelphia, and enjoys cooking from her garden, tennis, kickboxing, creating "keep open" boxes, abstract art, supporting her daughter's music career, dancing and adventure!